Erwan Le Gélébart

Microbiota Interactions With Laminariales Gametophytes, Impact On Phytochemistry Erwan Le Gélébart 1 , Erwan Jourdan 1 , Maëva Menguy 1 , Julien Fouilland 1 , Esther Causin 1 , Rémi Laville 1 1 BiotechMarine, Innovation Direction, Z.I.. – B.P. 72 – 22260 Pontrieux – France Macroalgae surface is a highly competitive environment as it provides …

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Presentation of the company With more than 800 laboratories across 50 countries, Eurofins Scientific is one of the international leaders in the provision of testing and support services to the pharmaceutical, food, environmental, agroscience and consumer products industries, in which they have a special focus on the cosmetics industry. Indeed, the company is strengthening its …

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Philippe Michon

Can the sea be part of the future of packaging ? Philippe Michon is co-founder with Philippe Lavoisier in 2016  of the company Eranova.   Eranova hold patents for bio based products sourced from stranded green algae.  The company is the 2017 PIA ADEME and is installing its facilities near Marseille for production of generation 3 …

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Emmanuelle GASTALDI

Overview of current methodologies and standards for assessing plastic biodegradation Associate Professor  Joint Research Unit Agro-polymers Engineering and Emerging Technologies – UMR 1208 IATE Campus INRA SupAgro Montpellier  The increasing pollution of aquatic and terrestrial environments by plastics has driven discussions on the potential of using biodegradable instead of conventional, nonbiodegradable plastics to alleviate this environmental …

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Jean François Sassi

State of the art and recent advances in algae production processes for high-end applications The production of microalgae in Europe is currently limited to a few small industries, mainly for the nutrition and cosmetic markets. This sector is ripe for further expansion. However, creating economically viable and sustainable methods of growing large quantities of microalgae …

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Carys L. Mitchelmore

UV filters and coral reefs : state of the science, data gaps and next step Professor, Chesapeake Biological Laboratory,  University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science,  Maryland, USA