Catherine Grosset-Fournier

Patent & Sea

Diplômée de l’Ecole nationale supérieure de chimie Paris
Conseil en propriété industrielle
Mandataire européen
Membre du conseil scientifique de Medalis ( Drug discovery center)
Co fondatrice du cabinet Grosset-Fournier &Demachy

The sea is a new field of investigation for fundamental research, the supply and traceability of ingredients, the cosmetics industry which manufactures and markets innovative and sustainable products, and for industrial property. If the analysis of patent filings, in Europe and internationally, reflects less the vitality of fundamental research than the exploitation of inventions by the cosmetics industry, it can be a source of information for decision-makers, whether investors or actors in the cosmetics chain: researchers, suppliers of ingredients, manufacturers of finished products.

First, what does the analysis per nationality of applicants of worldwide patent filings tell us? Which are the leaders? Is the trend towards a broadening of the country perimeter and  of the subject matter of protection?

Second, what lessons can be drawn from the analysis by actors of patent filings in Europe? What inventions can and should be protected by the different actors? Can we identify the risks and weaknesses of the cosmetics chain in Europe?

Third, what can be deduced from an analysis by themes, of patent filings around the world? Is there virgin land still to be protected? T

To conclude, we will illustrate our remarks by presenting practical cases: what claims have been drafted to protect inventions related to the sea and to cosmetics.