Nicole Giraud

Why DNA is revolutionizing the authentication of algae and marine plants ?

Présidente et fondatrice de DNA Gensee, société experte en génétique des plantes et des algues qui accompagne les industriels dans la fabrication de produits les plus authentiques, naturels et sains possible. Docteur en biotechnologies végétales, Nicole Giraud oeuvre depuis plus de 25 ans dans la valorisation de technologies et produits innovants pour de grands groupes comme pour des PME

Algae and marine plants are extremely promising resources in various industries, including the cosmetics industry. Cultivated or harvested, these sea-related raw materials are composed of a multitude of species with very interesting biological and physiological properties. They are an important source of active molecules, already well used in the manufacture of cosmetics, nutraceuticals and food.

To ensure the authenticity and quality of these raw materials, the search for their DNA barcode (genetic signature) is highly relevant. Barcoding technology provides information on the botanical identity and metabarcoding makes it possible to detect contamination by other plants or algae and to trace the species throughout the manufacturing stages of a product.

The creation and development of specific genetic markers are essential to be able to assign a sample to a species. The markers are developed specifically for a given species and associated with a precise technology to be able to work on unprocessed raw algae and also on ingredients and finished products.

Different applications of DNA analyses will be presented to illustrate the use of DNA signature in the identification and traceability of marine plants/algae in the cosmetics industry.