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Maroussia Parailloux

After getting my Master's degree in Biochemistry, I obtained in 2018 a Phd Grant from La Région Nouvelle Aquitaine to work on the development of analytical approaches for the characterization of active compounds in marine algae and plants using High Resolution Tandem Mass Spectrometry (HR-MSn). This project promotes the discovery of novel bioactive molecules in natural products with a great potential for human health, cosmetics and nutrition. Currently, there is a market trend in the cosmetic industry towards the formulation of anti-ageing cares and sunscreens produced from algae. The exhaustive information on the structural diversity of algal compounds is crucial for the prediction of UV-filtering properties. As part of the international meeting "My Blue CosmET’IC", an innovative Mass Spectrometry Approach and the related data mining strategies is shown for the profiling and the structural elucidation of Mycosporine-like amino-acids, natural photoprotectants in algae. Publication (URL):