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Wednesday 10 : Welcome adresses

Yves Desdevises

Director Observatoire Oceanologique de Banyuls

Annick Girardin : Sous réserve

Ministre de la mer

Key Note

Romain Troublé

Managing Director Tara Foundation


Hélène Orliac

Protecting the marine environment : an issue for tomorrow's cosmetics

Marc Leonard

Marine and fresh water impact assessment of cosmetic products

A healthy Sea

Colomban de Vargas

Survey of ocean biodiversity

Xavier Cousin

Microplastic toxicity ? It's complicated

Jean François Ghiglione

From colonization to biodegradation of plastic in the Oceans : a big step forward for bacteria

Lunch time : visit the booths

Philippe Lebaron/Didier Stien

Impact des filtres solaires sur les organismes et écosystèmes marins

Carys Michelmore

UV filters and coral reefs : state of the science, data gaps and next step

A Regulated Sea

Véronique Poulsen

Improvement of the environmental risk assessment after use of sunscreen produtcs

Iain Davis

Regulatory requirements for sunscreens and UV filters in Europe/USA/Asia

E. Gastaldi

Overview of current methodologies and standards for assessing plastic biodegradation

Anne Leila Meisterzheim

Solutions to assess the biodegradability and non-toxicity of plastics at sea

Thursday 11 : initiatives and outlook

Sea : initiatives & outlook

Edith Filaire

Micro-algae : properties & outlooks

Jean François Sassi

State of the art and recent advances in algae production processes for high-end

Romuald Vallee

Cultures in the open sea and in photoreactors: a way to master and respect sourcing

Vincent Laudet

Fish models: from zebrafish to clownfish as an inspiration to increase knowledge in cosmetics

Denis Allemand

Cnidarians, original models for the cosmetic field

Lunch time : visit the booths

Stephane Bruzaud

Biopolymers: General overview and focus on the polyhydroxyalkanoates

Florence Ruggiero

Collagens from the sea

Clément Offret

Marine bivalve microbiome: the hidden oyster pearl.

startup, start up, business

startups : 5 mn  pitch

Friday 12


Nicole Giraud

Why DNA is revolutionizing the authentication of algae and marine plants ?

Xavier Ormancey

TriAsorb : a game changer for full spectrum photoprotection

Philippe Michon

Can the sea be part of the future of packaging ?

Philippe Bonningue

SPICE: How to drive sustainable packaging innovation with eco-design tool

Gernot Kunze

Enabling the development of eco-friendly UV formulations

Sascha Pawlowski

Development of standardised toxicity tests on corals for marine safety assessment of UV-filters and other cosmetic ingredients

Erwan Le Gélébart

Microbiota Interactions With Laminariales Gametophytes, Impact On Phytochemistry

Conclusion : Biomimicry

Professeur Gilles Boeuf  :

Gilles Boeuf, Professeur Sorbonne Université, Collège de France, AgroParisTech, CEEBIOS, Paris

Inspiration by the ocean

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Cocktail dinner prepared by the starred chef Pascal Borrell in the new aquarium of the Oceanological Observatory of Banyuls
Banyuls wine tasting - Cave de l'Etoile

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Social event in Jardin Méditerranéen

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