Gilles Boeuf

Gilles Boeuf, Sorbonne Université, Collège de France, AgroParisTech, CEEBIOS, Paris

Biodiversity is the living part of nature, including bacterias, protists, fungi, plants and animals, representing some 2.4 millions species, already discovered, described and maintained inside the collections of the great world Museums. Less than 300 000 species are described from the ocean.  Bioinspiration or biomimicry are the use of natural species or models or livingg systems allowing to develop new techniques, materials, systems, process inspired by living species : a small algae able to elaborate glass, another one to produce concrete, new windturbines built from inspiration of whale fins, new haemoglobin from sea worms…

Cosmetics industry also found very interesting models, compounds or process from the marine biodiversity… wich w’ll be exposed during the talk. The future will be depending on our capacities to elaborate solutions inspired by nature.