Romuald Vallée

Cultures in the open sea and in photoreactors: a way to master and respect sourcing

Chemical engineer specialized in the extraction of Natural, Romuald Vallée founds CODIF Recherche et Nature with Antoine Gédouin in 2002, in Saint Malo in Brittany (France). Inscribed in the DNA of the brand, the Sea and naturality in the broad sense are then sources of inspiration and primary sources of creation. In an effort to bring the brand to the forefront of innovation, the two men have implemented, over the last ten years, a strategy of investing in avant-garde biotechnology tools, allowing both to cultivate materials first in full consciousness but also to transform them without distorting them. In 2016 CODIF Recherche et Nature becomes CODIF Technologie naturelle (TN). Today passionate about the biology of life and still Scientific director and General Manager , Romuald Vallée also acts as a speaker throughout the world to promote the know-how and high technology characteristics of Codif TN for a more engaged and more efficient cosmetic.

Abstract :

Marine seaweeds and micro-organism are sources for more and more cosmetic ingredients .While the demand is growing ,the sustainability of the naturals ressources must be challenging. From strategies going from natural gardening to the controlled growth of marine organisms in bio reactors without forgetting culture programs in wild ocean ,we will give a few examples of possible strategies  to master and respect natural ressources while controling quality,reproductibility and sustainibility.